Repair and Painting

With passion and seriousness we carry out repairs and cosmetic work on cars. Our highly qualified staff is distinguished by many years of professionalism and the use of high-tech equipment.

FREE Replacement Car

Replacement car service is offered by Carrozzeria Pirozzi, a kind gift we have chosen to offer you to show you, once again, how much we care about your full satisfaction and how important it is for us to be the fulcrum solver of your every need. In fact, since the first day of opening, our primary mission has always been to protect the customer; to take care of him, marrying his needs and making his problems our own!

Roadside Assistance 24/24h
Tel: 0932 777921 Cell: 338 5221727

Auto Body Pirozzi solves every problem, from small inconvenience to roadside assistance service. We are able to be able to solve any of your emergencies with peace of mind, thanks to the fast efficient and reliable breakdown service

Custom Airbrushing

Thanks to the work of dedicated and highly specialized staff, Carrozzeria Pirozzi creates numerous custom airbrushes. Visit us and we will try to create the most suitable and most representative work of art for your vehicle as well!

Classic Car Repairs

For many years, due to an indiscriminate ecolocogical policy aimed at replacing old cars with new, less polluting vehicles, we have unfortunately “sacrificed” even well-preserved vehicles, without considering that with their disappearance the considerable historical and cultural value they represented for us and our country would also be extinguished. We all cherish a car in our memory. It is precisely to these enthusiasts that my workshop devotes its attentions, to restore and return these authentic pieces of history to their former glory.

Handling Practices

To avoid the classic and tedious annoyances arising from the problems caused by a road accident Pirozzi staff is able to offer its clients technical, legal and consulting assistance for expert reports and estimates, guaranteeing the highest quality and transparency in treatment. All the logistical difficulties, bureaucratic burdens and the processing of any paperwork necessary for the fulfillment of obligations aimed at the successful completion of the case itself, will be able to be the subject of 360-degree assistance and support, which also guarantees in these cases courtesy, transparency and maximum customer care.



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